Monthly Service

We take care of the “nerd stuff”!

Affordable Monthly Service

With the Monthly Service you manage your own content with 24/7 availability. We set your website up with back-end access so you can go in to your website whenever you want to make content changes; change text and pictures on your schedule. We go to great lengths to make the back-end user friendly, we also provide a support center for you to log in to if you need to watch tutorial videos on how to use the back-end tools. You can also submit a support ticket on how to do something if you need help figuring something out.

Monthly Service Fee

The monthly fee for the Monthly Service is $39.99.

Monthly Service is Required

The monthy service is required, we build the website on our robust hosting platform and take care of all of the nerd stuff for you. Take a look below to see the nerd stuff that we take care of. Over the years this has been hugely popular with our clients because it saves them money. Many other places build websites on substandard hosting platforms that are not optimized for performace or has the resources it should. Then when things go wrong with the hosting enviorment or the website has issues with any number of things they charge you a good bit. ofmoney to fix these issues. The business is at the mercy of what they want to charge to fix their website.

What you get for this fee: Software Updates, Security Updates, Platform Updates, Hosting*, Domain Name, Support Center Access & Back-End Access built in to the website so you can manage your own content.

Software Updates

We make sure all of the software within your website plays well with each other by updating everything on a regular basis. It is common to have conflicts, that is why we test updates for conflicts before we employ them on active websites. By updating the software helps prevent hackers from getting access to your website as well as gives you additional features.

Security Updates

We employ the latest internet security and techniques to ensure your website is protected from all types of security risks, including; brute force login attacks, malicious attacks, database security attacks and much more. We even blacklist known trouble making geographic areas as well as attempted IP address attacks.

Platform Updates

We perform platform updates on a regular basis, one of the biggest reasons to do this is security. A platform that is not updated is easier for malware to infect. This can also harm your rankings with search engines as well. We make sure the foundation your website is built on stays strong.

Hosting & Domain Name

Fast, Secure, Reliable Hosting That Grows With Your Business.

Industry-leading page load times with 99.9% up-time guarantee.

What is hosting? <click here>

Back-End Access & Support Center

We build a drag and drop interface into the back end of your website so you can manage your own content. Simply put, you have access to your website so you can manage your content on your schedule and make instant updates without paying $100 plus for us to make changes for you.

Website Backup

We have your back, your website gets completely backed up on a regularly scheduled basis.


We host your website on the platform that is built expressly to optimize your site, without sharing resources with others. High traffic, no problem!!


A website will typically share resources with other websites in a shared environment. Not here, your website will have its own resources and not have to share. This means your website won’t get bogged down when there is a lot of traffic.


Your site gets the personal bodyguard treatment, 24/7. Our security team monitors thwart and deflect so you can rest easy.

Support Center

You get access to our support center that has video tutorials showing how to use the back end of your website, we also look for ways to add additional valued content to help your business. We even have a support ticket function so you can enter a support ticket when needed.

Website Reviews

We conduct periodic reviews of your website to make sure that things are set up well on the front end of your website (the part everybody sees). If we see an area that we can improve we will ask if you would like us to make the change for free. If you make a change to your website send us a support ticket request to take a look at your website and make sure it looks good.

Organic SEO Capability

We make it so every page is screaming look at me, find me! With the MIY Service, there are SEO (search engine optimization) tools that allow you to help your blog posts get found as well. This also gives you the capability to adjust your own SEO, now that is a powerful feature!


* If you elect to have the domain on your own account this will not reduce the monthly fee., whichever way you choose is fine with us.

* If you pay the Monthly Service on an annual basis and terminate your service before it ends the rate is not prorated.