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Local SEO Campaigns are efforts we make onsite, and some offsite efforts, to help your business get found online for key phrases in your local area. We start every Local SEO Campaign by securing the foundation that will support our efforts. We have a call before anything is paid or started to make sure you understand the service and what it is, call us crazy but we want to make sure you know what you are paying for.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimzation, it is the process of getting organic search results on search engines. Organic SEO, which is obtained through SEO Camapigns, is the strongest and best way to obtain results because it is organic.

How much should you spend a month on a Local SEO Campaign?

This will vary depending on many factors such as market saturation, competitor efforts, etc. Most of the time people want to start out too aggressive when it is not needed, a Local SEO Campaign is all about consistency over time, not coming out guns blazing and throwing a bunch of money at it. Many times people spend less than they anticipated, we do have more aggressive SEO Campaigns if necessary but in most cases they are way more than what is needed.

What to Expect?

Onboarding Call to discuss the service and collect information as well as answer questions and set expectations for the service. We will collect additional information after the call via a form.

Month 1
Setting the foundation for the work being performed moving forward, this includes research of key phrases being targeted as well as competitor research.

Month 2
Executing the plan in place to target key phrases for the Local SEO Campaign. At the end of this period we will produce a report that will show the results for the search engine visibility (rankings) versus your competitors.

On Going Months
Each month we will focus on key phrases from the list and will produce a Competition Ranking Report at the end of each month so you know how you are doing against your major competitors. The Competition Ranking Report may or may not be at the end of the calendar month but will be monthly.

Some months we may not focus on new key phrases but may circle back around to existing key phrases and tweak them for SEO value. We may also choose to create short videos using content from the website that we can use to help rank key phrases.

At some point we will not add any more key phrases and switch our focus to keeping the strength of th ekey phrases and possibly make them stronger.

The Local SEO Campaign is what we like to refer to as building an iceberg. The power of an iceberg is the mass below the surface. The Local SEO Campaign is a long game, it is all about building that mass below the surface of the water. That is why we need to plan carefully and execute consistently.

Are results guaranteed with SEO Campaigns?

The short answer is no, any SEO Campaign results can not be guaranteed. There are way too many variables to guarantee results, market saturation and key phrase competition are just two major variables that play a big factor in ranking key phrases.


Local SEO Campaign

All Local SEO Campaigns are purchased after we have a call with you to make sure that the service is a good fit for your business and that you fully understand the service. This also givesus a chance to learn more about your business and market so we can suggest a range for the budget. Local SEO Campaigns are not about spending the most you can afford but about choosing a budget that can support an ongoing effort to help you compete against your competitors online.

To give you an idea of the prices, Local SEO Campaigns typically range from 300 to 800 monthly. In some cases we will do a SEO campaign for as low as 200 a month.

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