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We are working on many industries and designs so more will be added soon. Remember, we are about quality and not quaintity!

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* Indicates a premium feature or a feature from a 3rd party we have partnered with that is considered a premium feature.

Online Ordering Options

Since these are third party online menu ordering options these prices may be subject to change without us knowing in time to update the prices here, we will check often to make sure we keep the prices up to date. If you want to know the prices before placing an order please feel free to contact us to inquire about the prices or any other questions you may have.

Option 1

  • Set Up Fee – NONE
  • Subscription Fee – NONE
  • 1.5% Per Order Fee
  • Tablet Supplied – FREE
  • Printer Supplied – FREE
  • Free Branded Menu Web Page
  • POS Integration (Square & Clover)
  • Reorders & Group Orders
  • Pick Up, Curbside & Delivery
  • Much More…

Option 2

  • Set Up Fee – NONE
  • Subscription Fee – NONE
  • $1.50 Per Order Delivery Fee
  • Tablet Supplied – DEPOSIT
  • Printer Supplied – DEPOSIT
  • Free Branded Menu Web Page
  • POS Integration (Clover)
  • Reorders & Group Orders
  • Much More…

Option 3

  • Set Up Fee – FEE
  • Subscription Fee – $29 monthly
  • No Per Order Fee
  • Tablet – Use Your Own
  • Printer -N/A
  • Onsite Menu Ordering
  • POS Integration N/A
  • Pick Up, Curbside & Delivery
  • Much More…

Need A New Menu For Your Restaurant?

We have plans to create menus in the future!

We will post them here when they are available.