Our Process

We make it as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Choose Website

Browse through our Prebuilt Websites and find the website for your business, you can do this by choosing Prebuilt Websites from the navigation menu at the top and seeing all of the website or select the drop down from the Prebuilt Websites in the navigation menu to select your specific industry. If you don’t see your industry reach out to us and we can possibly make a website for your industry.

We Make it Yours

Once you purchase your Prebuilt Website it goes into our workflow where our dedicated team gets to work. You will hear from us within 24-48 hours of purchasing the Prebuilt Website. We will provide easy to follow instructions guiding you along the way. During this phase we will get important information that will allow us to proceed as well as gather content for the website from you.

The content we will collect will be the copy, also known as the information or text for your pages. In addition to this we will gather your logo and any other graphics you may have. If you wish we will replace the images that are on the Prebuilt Website with your images.

If you have an existing website we will create your new website on a mockup site first so you can see it live and functioning before it is launched.

Manage it Yourself

Once your website is live you can easily manage it yourself with our simple-to-use interface that allows you to make changes to your content. But don’t worry, we are always here if you need us. We provide a support center that will inform you how to use your website. aswell as additional information. 

If you are still stuck on how to do something after you try the support center you can reach out to us for help.