Affordable Web Design

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Area 51 Web Design offers Awesome Websites for Small Businesses at Reasonable Prices!!

Affordable Web Design

We create Prebuilt Websites with our affordable web design.

Once you pick the Prebuilt Website you want we work with you to gather your information so we can make the website all yours!

We include a template for each page so you can input your content directly to the website, stock images are included.

Once the website has been completed we take care of all of the nerd stuff that keeps the website running and safe while you can manage your own content! This gives you control and saves you money!

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Creative Designs

Creative designs to give you a strong online footprint.

Images Included

Quality stock images are included with your website!

Affordable Prices

Website designs that are affordable and high quality!!

Our Process

Choose Website

Simply scroll down and select your industry and you will see the affordable prebuilt websites available for you to choose from!

We Make It Yours

Once you choose your prebuilt website we will set it up for you so you can place your content into the website and make it all yours!!

Manage It Yourself

Once your website is live you can easily manage it yourself with our simple-to-use interface that allows you to make changes to your content.

We aren’t putting a lot of Prebuilt Websites on here in a short period of time. We are more focused on quality and not quantity, these Prebuilt Websites are carefully built with purpose. All of our affordable web designs are visually awesome, have a responsive layout, are mobile-friendly, and have an organic SEO structure to help your website get found.

Why Choose Us?

QUALITY of our designs is top-notch, these Prebuilt Websites easily outperform designs that are much more expensive. AFFORDABLE WEB DESIGN PRICES that will fit almost any budget for a website setup and monthly service. CUSTOMER SERVICE that we provide is way more than most places could even think about offering because we genuinely care about our clients and want to provide them with the best possible service with an affordable web design for their small business.


The designs are carefully thought out to maximize the impact your business will have online. These designs are built with purpose.

Affordable Pricing

We work hard to bring you thhe very best web design at an affordable price, these aren’t cheap but they are affordable.


Holy cow our support is awesome! We make client support a high priority, we work hard to make all of our clients happy.

Easy To Manage

Once the website is up and running you can easily manage your own content without having to pay us to do it for you.


Once we start your project we make sure we stay on time so your website is ready to go live by the projected date.

Best Web Designs

Our web designs are built with purpose, they are not just a pretty face. We make sure that our web designs are awesome.

Prebuilt Websites

We are working on creating more Prebuilt Websites so more will be added soonish. We are about quality and not quantity!

Mental Health Therapy Website


Massage Therapy Website Coming Soon

Massage Therapist

Restaurant Prebuilt Website Coming Soon


Mechanic Website Coming Soon


Consulting Website Coming Soon


Landscape Design Website Coming Soon


Additional Services

In addition to offering affordable web design we offer a multitude of services to help strengthen your online footprint, we will gladly schedule a call if needed to further explain the services and how they work together. Not all services are appropriate for all clients, the services that require a call beforehand will not be available to purchase right away. The services that are available to purchase right away are appropriate for all businesses. the reason for this is we want to make sure that you are only prchasing services that are a good match for your business and not spending money on something you don’t need.

Local SEO Listings Service

Our Local SEO Listing service controls your listings online.

Managed SSL Service

We setup, deploy and maintain your SSL certificate.

Local SEO Campaigns

Local SEO Campaigns gets key phrases ranked to compete online.

Facebook Marketing Services

We help you get more out of Facebook with Facebook Marketing.

Regional SEO

Regional SEO Campaigns gets key phrases ranked to compete online.

National SEO

National SEO Campaigns gets key phrases ranked to compete online on a larger scale.


A solid brand strategy to get your message heard & your business recognized.


Want more than the designs have, we can develop a website for you.

Happy Customers

We are always striving to make our clients happy with affordable web design that helps their business online. We always have the clients best interest in mind, this is how we have such a great client retention rate. We take customer service and product quality serious!



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Our Team

Our focus is on designing, digital services, and customer support, that is why you don’t see any sales people here. Who knows, maybe we will add that position later but for now we will keep our focus on designing and client support! All of our work is done in house!



Client Support
Design Specialist



Design Specialist
SEO Specialist



Marketing Specialist
Design Specialist



Content Specialist
Support Specialist



Design Specialist
Support Specialist



Design Specialist
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Design Specialist
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Design Specialist
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Design Specialist
SEO Specialist

Websites Designed To Make a Great First Impression

What happens when your site goes live?

You Manage Your Own Content

— Everything Below is Included for 39.99 a Month! —

You manage your own content, 24/7 availability. We set your website up with back-end access so you can go in to your website whenever you want to make content changes; change text and pictures on your schedule. We go to great lengths to make the back-end user friendly, we also provide a support center for you to log in to if you need to watch tutorial videos on how to use the back-end tools. You can also submit a support ticket on how to do something if you need help figuring something out. This is how affordable web design should be done!

Hosting & Domain

Fast, Secure, Reliable Hosting That Grows With Your Business.

Industry-leading page load times with 99.9% up-time guarantee.

What is hosting?

Support Center

You get access to our support center that has video tutorials showing how to use the back end of your website, we also look for ways to add additional valued content to help your business. We even have a support ticket function so you can enter a support ticket when needed.

Software Updates

We make sure all of the software within your website plays well with each other by updating everything on a regular basis. It is common to have conflicts, that is why we test updates for conflicts before we employ them on active websites. By updating the software this helps prevents hackers from getting access to your website as well as gives you additional features.

Security Updates

We employ the latest internet security and techniques to ensure your website is protected from all types of security risks, including; brute force login attacks, malicious attacks, database security attacks and much more. We even blacklist known trouble making geographic areas as well as attempted IP address attacks.

Platform Updates

We perform platform updates on a regular basis, one of the biggest reasons to do this is security. A platform that is not updated is easier for malware to infect. This can also harm your rankings with search engines as well. We make sure the foundation your website is built on stays strong.

Website Access

We build a drag and drop interface in to the back end of your website so you can manage your own content. Simply put, you have access to your website so you can manage your content on your schedule and make instant updates without paying $$$ for us to make changes for you. We do have an option if you want to pay us to make changes, you simply pay when the changes are needed so you aren’t getting overcharged.

Website Backup

We have your back, your website gets completely backed up on a regularly scheduled basis.


Your site gets the personal bodyguard treatment, 24/7. Our security team monitors, thwarts, and deflects so you can rest easy.


We host your website on the platform that is built expressly to optimize your site, without sharing resources with others. High traffic, no problem!!

Organic SEO

We make it so every page is screaming look at me, find me! With the MIY Service there are SEO (search engine optimization) tools that allow you to help your blog posts get found as well. This also gives you the capability to adjust your own SEO, now that is a powerful feature!


Website Reviews

We conduct periodic reviews of your website to make sure that things are setup well on the front end of your website (the part everybody sees). If we see an area that we can improve we will ask if you would like us to make the change for free. If you make a change to your website send us a support ticket request to take a look at your website and make sure it looks good.


A website will typically have lower resources in the environment to cut costs. Not here, your website will have ample resources to handle traffic so it won’t get bogged down when there is a lot of traffic.

Benefits of going with AREA 51 Web Design…

With our Prebuilt Websites, we have incorporated the necessary components that a website needs to help your business have success online. These are so much more than just a pretty face, they are built with purpose. These attractive Prebuilt Websites will serve your business well, that 24/7 employee you wish you had! This setup will save you money without sacrificing quality. In addition to that our Prebuilt Websites are prime for Organic SEO, Mobile Friendly, and the are Affordable! This is how affordable web design is done!

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